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About US

The trademark‘s force is based on the quality of its raw material and its manufacture, it generates continuously any innovative ideas, but it is still anchored in the traditional local leather industry.
In a territory recognized as being the home of leather, the competence constantly growing allowed to Pirolo Leather and its staff to choose the best raw materials and the best qualified workforce, giving an original mark to its leather products.
The target of the company is to satisfy the customers that have become most demanding over the years, aiming a high target of customers that appreciate and use high quality products, even if it is still within a range of moderate prices for great consumption.
Today, more than yesterday and less than tomorrow, Pirolo Leather will always pay specific attention to the customer, the environment and the worker as top priority to be preserved and raise, having the certainty that its customers are  very particularly about the same company’s ideology.

With all our experience as tanners and knowledge of the best leathers, the addition of the fabrics and details of the best Italian artisans and the skill of our craftsmen, make each of our creations a unique and exclusive HANDMADE IN ITALY garment.